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Something that I notice with a lot of people that I know is that they buy those new off the shelf hair colouring products. Is that a good idea?

Truthfully, it isn’t! These hair colors that are on the shelf are full of harsh chemicals. They are known to cause women terrible headaches, stinging eyes, terrible breathing. They’ve caused rashes before and now they are linking them to some forms of cancer.

So no, to answer that question, using box color is never a good idea. They have to put an extensive amount of chemicals in there for them to survive the shelf life that they need to be able to sustain while they’re in the store.

Women just don’t know that. If you’re not trained and you’re not informed then you’re just buying this convenient little box and going home and pouring ammonia and formaldehyde and all kinds of other chemicals on your hair.

Well, when you put it that way, it’s kind of a no brainer. When you go to a professional salon like yours and they’re using all organic chemicals or all organic materials and not these artificial chemicals, you don’t have that ammonia.


Nothing’s coming out on your hair, that’s going to be cancer causing. Is that right?

That’s correct! These products are 100% organic; they’re 100% hypoallergenic. In all the years that I have been using them both professionally and personally, I have never come across or experienced an adverse reaction to them.

Something else that is also a risk factor when you’re using synthetic colors, is the inhalation. The organic products have a lower concentration of these cancer causing, cough-causing chemicals that also cause throat irritation.

So there are many benefits to using the organic hair line, both health benefits and also physical benefits to the hair. It’s like taking a multi-vitamin.

Do organic products last as long as the traditional ones?

Yes, they do and thank you for asking that question, because one of the biggest misunderstandings about organic hair color is that it fades or that it does not have the life span or the strength of synthetic hair color and that is just not true; because it’s organic, it’s even more intense.

The dyes are plant and food based.  And so they’re even more intense than these man-made synthetic colors that you find in non-organic products.

To answer that question… yes, organic hair color not only is it going to last longer, women are going to get more weeks out of it in between each service and their color is not going to fade.

For example, let’s take a red head. We all look fantastic the first couple days after we’ve been to the hair salon.  But the red head over time is going to fade. And by the time she goes in 5 weeks later to get their hair done, her hair doesn’t look anything like it did when she started off.

That’s not the case with organic color. It’s going to stay true to its color from service to service.