Like a multi vitamin for your hair, Organic Color Systems Hair Color is made from exclusive certified organic ingredients and is rich with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, & amino acids.

Organic Color Systems hair color is 100% ammonia free, with no resorcinol or parabens, or other toxic ingredients commonly found in other products.

Organic Color Systems’ lines of products are completely cruelty-free as they are never tested on animals and contain absolutely no animal by-products and are qualified vegan products

Experience a No-Compromise and Healthy Approach to Beauty

No more…



Over processing



Harsh odors

Discover Your BEST Look

Our Proven 4 Step Beauty System Consistently Delivers Gorgeous Results

Begin with our revolutionary “World Class BEST Look Consultation” that uncovers your BEST LOOK through a series of personalized questions that address the top 12 physical, personal, and environmental factors that influence every woman’s appearance
Following your consultation, we will send you 3 images for cut and 3 images for color that we think will look best on you.  Choose the cut and color you love the most.
Relax, while we deliver your new look using the best organic products in the world!
Finally, enjoy the compliments that will begin flowing and the confidence that you will feel from knowing that you look beautiful without compromising your health

Clients Rave About Organic Envy Salon…

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