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Organic Hair Color vs. Box Hair Color

This radio interview answers your questions about Organic Hair Color.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Something that I notice with a lot of people that I know is that they buy those new off the shelf hair colouring products. […]

Achieving Your Best Look

Another excerpt from a radio interview that I did.


Tell us, how do you go about discovering someone’s best look?

Yes, we take into consideration several factors. Probably the most important one being some physical factors such as the face shape, skin tone, eye color, bone structure, and body shape.

We also take into consideration the hair characteristics […]

Blond or Gray, Long or Short Hair?

This is an excerpt from a radio interview that I did.  Hope you find it informative!


What I’d like to do, since I have you with us, is ask you some of those questions that I think women would be dying to ask right now.


One question would be, is blonde better?

Blonde is not better.  It really […]