This is an excerpt from a radio interview that I did.  Hope you find it informative!


What I’d like to do, since I have you with us, is ask you some of those questions that I think women would be dying to ask right now.


One question would be, is blonde better?

Blonde is not better.  It really depends on the person that you’re talking to. But as a general blanket statement, no, blonde doesn’t necessarily mean better.

The beauty industry today tries to say that blonde is the way to go. I have more women that come into the salon who aren’t meant to be blonde, who want to be blonde, because either their boyfriend or their husband has told them “Gosh, I really wish you were blonde” because they think that blondes are more attractive.

There is nothing attractive about a woman who is trying to be something that she’s not. In fact, what’s more attractive and what’s truly beautiful is enhancing a woman’s natural beauty and making that beautiful.

That’s a wonderful thing!

I definitely disagree that blondes are better. There’s nothing better about making your hair do something that it’s not supposed to do.

Okay! What about the natural look, as well as getting a little bit older, should they let their hair grow gray?

I think that there’s a point in every person’s life when going gray is acceptable. I just think that people need to be reminded, especially women, because this doesn’t really apply to men because as men age and those gray hairs pop-up society thinks that’s sexy and it’s a sign of wisdom.

It’s not so for women. For women it’s a sign of age and laziness. I think that women need to keep in mind that gray hair does age you in a way that it doesn’t age men. The only time really that a woman should consider going gray is when she’s old enough to be able to support the stereotype that being gray offers.

I don’t let any of my clients under the age of 70 go gray. They don’t have to have that same dark vibrant hair color that they did in their 30’s but that doesn’t mean that they need to have white hair. They can have a lighter version of their hair and look 20 years younger.

The only time I’m a supporter of going gray is if you are old enough to be able to support having gray hair.

Here’s a thought from a guy’s perspective, “I naturally think long hair is sexier than short hair.” Do you agree though?

No, I don’t agree. In fact, 78% of men polled will admit that they find shorter hair sexier on a woman. 44% of those men will say that they are drawn to longer hair, but think that shorter hair is sexier on a woman because it takes more confidence for a woman to be able to have short hair.

Again, if women would just embrace a look that compliments their bone structure, I think a lot of women that are walking around with long hair would look 10 times more beautiful if they had shorter hair. Because we would get to see the lines of their face, and their features would stand out more, but there’s something in society that associates length with sexiness, instead of confidence with sexiness.

Cristine, we were almost out of time, but I want to take one minute and have you talk a little about your specialty. Can you talk about brides and bridal parties?

Yes, thank you for asking. I’d love to be able to do that. I have been doing make-up and now being a professional make-up artist for about 25 years.

It’s a secret passion that I have. I do brides and I do all special occasion make-up. I use only the leading organic make-up in the industry; it’s called Eco Envy Make-up from Australia. It’s 100% organic vegan and animal cruelty free. It is very good for the skin; it is not going to break down as the day goes on, and especially for brides, it’s important to not only look beautiful as you’re walking down that aisle, but it’s important to look beautiful the next morning when you wake up with your husband.

That’s something that I promise to all of my brides,”When I do your make-up, I’m going to be setting that make-up that will last 12-16 hours. You’re not going to have worry about your eye shadow breaking down or looking any less fresh the next morning than you did when you said I do.”