Another excerpt from a radio interview that I did.


Tell us, how do you go about discovering someone’s best look?

Yes, we take into consideration several factors. Probably the most important one being some physical factors such as the face shape, skin tone, eye color, bone structure, and body shape.

We also take into consideration the hair characteristics like hair texture and the natural hair color. Finally, personal factors: their personality, their lifestyle, their age, things like that.

What does your hair say about you? Is that something that people notice?

Absolutely! In fact, 74% of people polled say that the first thing that they notice about a person is their hair.

I’ll vouch for that, I do notice that right away.

Yes, in fact 44% of men say that hair is the first thing that they notice about a woman. It’s not their curves and it’s not their clothes or their make-up but it’s their hair.

What are some of the factors that you take into consideration? I mean everyone’s going to be different, how do you decide the best hair style for yourself?

Again, it goes back to your body shape, it goes back to your bone structure and it goes back to your lifestyle. For example, I’m not going to create a hairstyle for a woman who is not used to doing a lot of maintenance for her hair.

If she’s on the go and she’s busy, she’s going to need a style and a look that is easy for her to do and achieve at home without having to do a lot.

Okay, good point. That’s where someone like you would come in handy because you may not know really what’s best for yourself, is that right? I mean, you may have an idea but you really need a professional.

Yes, it’s really true. I mean, in the beauty industry we always like to refer to Snow White and the queen addressing the magic mirror, saying “Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?”

The point is that we all really need a mirror – a person that will tell us the truth in a way that doesn’t hurt and tear down, but instead a truth that encourages them and builds them up; someone who has a trained sharp eye who is also familiar with the latest trends.

Everybody needs a professional who knows what is a good look for them and what is the best look for them based on those factors that we talked about before.